Our Services

Thickness Measurement

With specialized professionals, certified by a competent body and properly trained and prepared to use effectively and efficiently ultrasound devices duly certified and calibrated by the Brazilian competent entity, TRIMBOW, with many years of experience in the area of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Performs ultrasound thickness measurement of plates, meeting all requirements of national and international authorities. Especially in compliance with the NORMAM 04 issued by the Brazilian Navy, which regulates the conditions for loading vessels above 18 years old, better known as DPC Survey.

On/Off Hire Survey

This inspection is performed with the purpose of recording and establishing the current general condition of the vessel through a detailed visual inspection of the hull, deck, cargo equipment (if any), internal condition of the cargo holds and their covers, among others. Any damage is properly recorded and reported at the end of the inspection to the customer. In addition, upon request, we also perform consumables inspection to determine the amount of fuel at the beginning or end of the hire agreement. Issuing the delivery or redelivery certificate.

Bunker Survey

This inspection is made to discover and record the amount of fuel in the vessel by sounding the tanks using a metric tape and calculations based on the vessel's sounding table provided by its Classification Society; taking into account the specific gravity of the oil in each tank at 15°C and its current temperature. This inspection also helps the customer to prevent fuel losses and/or deviations.

Draft Survey

This inspection is performed to determine the amount of cargo loaded or unloaded on a particular vessel. Calculations are based on data officially recorded in the hydrostatic table of the vessel duly registered by its classification society, taking into account the lightweight of the vessel and other weights that are not part of the cargo to be determined.

Cargo Survey

This inspection is performed to determine the quality of a cargo loaded or unloaded of a vessel. We evaluate the level of humidity, cleanliness or purity in certain cases, appearance and etc.

Pre-Loading Survey

We verify the cleanliness conditions of the cargo holds prior to the ship's berthing, especially in cases of bulk grain loading, to ensure that they will be accepted by the terminal/shippers. If cargo holds are not in accordance with terminal requirements, we provide to the ship's command the necessary assistance and instructions.

Loading Supervision

We supervise the entire operation of the vessel, from berthing to the end of loading, also performing draft survey to ensure that the amount of cargo is properly loaded and spread correctly into the cargo hold (trimmed), ensuring the safety and navigability of the vessel and crew. In addition, we record all events and act as assistants of the ship’s staff.

Rigging Plan/Supervision

We design rigging plans for lifting and moving heavy loads in a safe and planned manner, ensuring the integrity of the load and the safety of everyone involved in the job. In addition to acting as supervisors of the operation and ensuring compliance with what was planned.

Bollard Pull

Using a load cell duly calibrated by a competent Brazilian entity, we perform the static traction test or Bollard Pull test to verify if a particular vessel is meeting the expected or to determine the current traction capacity of its engine.


Conducting Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) we verify the structural conditions of various port equipment such as cranes, hoppers, grabs, tubs, forklifts, Reach Stackers, Spreaders, etc., and attest their conditions. In addition to providing consultancy to customers to adapt the inspected equipment to national and international standards.